Look, E’s All Eaten Away! A to Z Short Film Review Series

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The classic line from the 1933 version of “The Invisible Man” starring Claude Rains is used for the title today. The man may be invisible but the horror is right in front of your eyes.

In this installment, the films are in English, which also begins with “E”. Some have no dialog at all, but are from English-speaking countries. There are even a couple of American films included, where English hasn’t been spoken in years (to paraphrase Dr. Henry Higgins from “My Fair Lady”).

Eel Girl



This 2008 twist on “The Little Mermaid” once again points out the dangers of sex. A New Zealand offering directed by Paul Campion, “Eel Girl” won top honors at several horror festivals for both direction and special effects. I don’t think Hans Christian Andersen had this version of the story in mind.


The Evil Golf Ball from Hell




I actually golfed once. I would be a great help in the desert as my golf ball always found water.


This golf ball wants revenge! And it’ll go through Hell to get it. Done in black and white like your favorite Saturday afternoon “Chiller Theater” offering, this 1996 US film was directed by Rian Johnson, who has also directed three episodes of “Breaking Bad” and is the current director of the next “Star Wars” film.


The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb



Speaking of 1950’s horror films, what happens if you play the monster a bit too well, or a bit too badly? A rubber suit, a stuck zipper and a scared village makes for a funny farce for the viewer, but not for Robert Ebb, whom is having a really bad day. This 2012 comedy short is a collaboration between UK and French filmmakers.





“When your death is near, time will seem to slow to a crawl” is the opening quote to this 2011 Matt Bloom offering. Over the next nine minutes we see the final 30 seconds in the life of several people. Everything presents itself in slow motion and in graphic detail. Mr. Bloom is mostly noted for direction on television in the UK.





It has always been my considered opinion that, when you want to make a film about the end of the world, get the Australians to write it. I have seen few better visions of the Apocalypse than those presented by Australian filmmakers. Christopher Frey’s seven-minute silent film set to classical music is haunting and ingenious.





Don’t have time to watch the entire movie? (It is only about one hour and 21 minutes long.) Well, spend 18 minutes and see what you are missing. Richard Bates, Jr. gives us a gut-wrenching view of the decent into madness of an adolescent girl in a dysfunctional household. The short was created in 2008. Four years later, the feature would be released. Both films are devastating!

There you have the letter “E”. Remember, these are not the only films out there. There are thousands more films to be looked at.

Don’t be afraid to spend the short time to watch a short film.

A big Thank You to IMDB, Vimeo and YouTube for all their info and support of the short film.

Spoiler Alert!

The next installment will be all silent films and will be more about history, with some horror thrown in for good measure.

See you next time.

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