T and Cyanide! No Sympathy! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

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Sit down. Have something to drink. Would you like a scone with that? Maybe the antidote?



Here we are again, dear viewers. Another letter, another group of intriguing short films.

As with “R” and “S”, the letter “T” has a good quantity of choices. To go along with this, there are a couple of Science Fiction shorts that are too much fun to leave out. I know we don’t usually do Sci-Fi, but I just couldn’t resist.

As for unusual destinations, last time, there was a film from the United Arab Emirates. Today, we get an entry from Serbia! Short films are universal and, thanks to the Internet, have a world-wide audience. Take advantage of this! View often and repeatedly.

The Tale of Wall Inhabitants (2012)

The treaties between doors and windows are quite tenuous. The slightest infraction could cause a war that no one is prepared for. What happens when the balance is upset by a married woman’s lover, who uses a window to escape, instead of a door?

From Serbia, written and directed by Andrej Boka, this film is absolutely brilliant.

Thresher (2014)

Director Mike Diva brings you a man stuck in a room. He is trying to open a door with a series of locks. Slowly, he has been finding the keys and gets closer and closer to opening the door. What is on the other side is the crux of the biscuit, as Frank Zappa would muse. It isn’t an apostrophe…

This Way Up (2008)

Only the BBC could give us a film about the tribulations of a pair of undertakers trying to get a coffin to the graveyard. Written and directed by Smith & Foulkes. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 2009.

Tuurngait (2011)

An Inuit child wanders ways from home and is menaced by spirits he meets along the way. From France, this beautifully animated film has five different director/writers.

2 in the AM PM (2006)

Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel, shows you where Mordecai and Benson come from. LSD for Halloween. A little more fantasy than horror, but too good not to show. Note: lots of “F” Bombs in this.

Too Late (2011)

It just might be too late for the man in the bathroom. The only film directed by Rani Naamani. Rani, however, is mainly an animator, whose credits include “Megamind,” “The Ant Bully,” “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” “Shrek the Third” and others.

Time is an Illusion (2014)

Deniz Gokkan gives you a quick terror, inspired by the work of David “Lights Out” Sandberg and his leading lady, Lotta Losten. Although he uses some of the elements of their work, he puts his own stamp on it at the end.

Welcome to the Science Fiction Section. Check your ray guns at the front desk.

The 3rd Letter (2010)

Health care is still not the greatest, even in the future. A scary little vision written and directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys, who paints a very gray picture of the future and of humanity.

They’re Made Out of Meat (2005)

Aliens discuss their discoveries about mankind. Obviously, there is something unique about us. Written and directed by Jeff Frumess.

Timeholes (2013)

Public access to time travel has it’s drawbacks. A UK short by Ben Mallaby. Dr. Who was never like this.

We are coming down the home stretch. Six letters are left and, not to give too much away, but I have already written the finale.
I want to thank you for stopping by for another trip into the world of the short film.

As always, hot water and teabags are supplied by Vimeo, YouTube and IMDb.

Be well and keep viewing!

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