Frankenstein on the Rebound

Let’s talk about sewing body parts together. Let’s grab the other necessary elements: a hunchback, an abnormal brain, lightning and really big shoes. And for dessert, let’s add some angry villagers carrying pitchforks and torches. Sounds like dozens of movies that we have all seen, dozen it?   Yet, how … Read More

Victor Frankenstein: a Hunchback, a Circus and a Hybrid Monkey Monster

  “Victor Frankenstein” (2015). Directed by Paul McGuigan. Starring Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliff) and Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy).  Eponymous Viktor Von Frankenstein befriends anatomy expert and circus freak Igor the Hunchback and crazy hijinx in posthumous revivications occur. They create a monkey monster and some creature that hates fire and is 8-feet … Read More