Scream: The Series Episode 4 “Aftermath”

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Tyler O’Neil is about to get some great head. His own.

Emma, Audrey and Noah weep and express outrage as Riley’s body is removed from the roof of Lakewood police headquarters and carted out the front door, even though the station has a perfectly fine morgue in the basement… Where were they taking poor Riley? Is this turning into some kind of sick “Weekend At Bernie’s” scenario where the cops pose with the murdered girl at various locations around town? In my mind, yes.




Tyler O’Neil’s burned, headless corpse is brought back to the morgue, along with a damaged Brandon James mask found near the wreckage. Sheriff Hudson and Maggie/Daisy believe that the danger has finally passed. It’s all going to be peace and quiet in Murderville now that the big bad boogeyman is dead. Except Tyler has no head and no fingerprints, making identifying him difficult.

Piper broadcasts a classy and heartfelt message about loss and what Riley’s friends are going through. Brooke blames herself for Riley’s death because Emma was out looking for her after she followed Seth Branson’s texts to her hotel room.



The store was all out of Prada shoes! Baaaawww!


No one was particularly fazed when Nina was found murdered in the first episode. Now our Lakewood teens find themselves adrift on an ocean of tears and pain.


At the Game Center where he works, Noah points out to Audrey that he might’ve been able to save Riley by taking her place as a victim if only he wasn’t a virgin. He believes the “Rules of Horror” would’ve kicked in. He wants justice, and he and Audrey jokingly agree to become a crime fighting duo called Bicurious And The Virgin.

At the town hall assembly, Brooke’s father aka The Mayor calms the anxieties of the town with Sheriff Hudson by his side, explaining that Tyler is both guilty of murder and dead. Though Nina and Riley are considered to be Tyler’s victims, no one seems that interested in Rachel’s death, which incites Audrey to confront Hudson.

Jay, meanwhile, is excited that Tyler is dead because he was the last accomplice in the mysterious blackmail scheme. Now no one can talk to the cops. Will comforts Emma at the Groundhouse while Brooke discovers a site where users can choose which of Lakewood’s two surviving teen girls dies next; Emma or Brooke.

Back home, Emma gets a package containing a 1994 yearbook from her high school. The photos of the students allegedly killed by Brandon James have been cut out and the image of her absent father Steve is obscured by ink under the words: The Truth Lies Where The Mask Was Made. “He stole their faces”, Audrey muses when shown the holes where the class photos were.




Noah wisely points out that the old-fashioned mail delivery of the yearbook seems rather odd from a killer who has mastered social media. Perhaps more than one perpetrator is at work.



What? Like there was two killers in the first movie? *gasp* Didn’t see that one coming from a mile away, now did you?


The surgical mask worn by Brandon was made at Lakewood General hospital, which has been closed for seven years. Audrey and Emma, armed with a pink taser and a crowbar, decided to check the place out. They tell no one where they’re headed, naturally. Safety is so yesterday. Noah overhears this conversation while “grief gaming” over Riley.

Back at the high school, Jay suggests that he and Will continue the blackmail work Nina started so that Jay can afford to pay his $63,000 college tuition. Will is on the fence. Jay reveals that he has backup copies of incriminating files that were located on Nina’s missing laptop.

In the dark and maze-like hospital, Emma and Audrey discuss the gender of the killer. Emma says a man spoke to her over the phone during the taunting calls, so Audrey uses a voice changer device to create an exact replica of Ghostface’s voice. She explains that she bought it for a zombie movie she shot with Rachel.

They discover a trail of blood in a darkened corridor leading to a spray painted image of Brandon’s mask on double doors. It leads to an operating room where a bloody pig rots on the table. It has no heart, and Emma realizes that the heart was mailed to her mother. X-Rays of Brandon’s skull line the room and a surgical journal is found, revealing that Brandon had not one but several masks designed to protect his post-op sutures. In a moment of complete non-suspense, Noah arrives with a flashlight and is mistaken for the killer and attacked by the two girls.

He explains the difference between fictional serial killers and real ones, and that the hospital operating room looks staged to appear as a Hollywood version of an evil lair.

In another room, the trio discover photos of Emma hanging from the ceiling and jewelry belonging to Nina, Riley and Rachel. They also find Nina’s all-important, all-knowing laptop. It is loaded with files marked The Mayor, Emma Duvall, etc. *gasp* Blackmail files!



I can’t believe she did that with a donkey and whipped cream!


Emma transfers these naughty files to Audrey’s digital camera data card as an intruder loudly stomps around in the hospital. During the race out of there, Noah discovers Brandon’s mask attached to the decomposing head of good old Tyler.

The intruder turns out to be Sheriff Hudson, who got an anonymous tip about the hospital break in. He takes Audrey’s cardless camera for evidence review. Back at Brooke’s swanky house, her father gets another kind of anonymous tip via a text demanding $100 grand for silence. It looks like Jay and Will are about to rake in the bucks with Nina and Tyler’s blackmail scheme.

Brooke, meanwhile, begins to regret her past selfish actions, such as running off to get freaky with Branson while leaving her pal Riley to die. She decides to make some changes. Considering she’s the most overtly sexual of the group (during a conversation with her father she is wearing a skin-tight blue dress that barely covers her backside and is frequently in bikinis or lingerie) I’m shocked Brooke is still alive.



Doesn’t anyone follow the Rules of Horror anymore?


Piper announces to Emma that she is leaving now that the story is over. Emma, without compromising the official investigation by providing details, tells her to stay.

Noah and Audrey de-crypt the blackmail files and find a digital video of Emma having sex with Will. In the rush to turn it off, Noah finds that the video is automatically sent to everyone in town with a smart phone. Emma opens it up at the coffeehouse in horror and says, “It’s my first time.”

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