W, Not Double You! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

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The money is buried under the big “W”!

So, now I have stooped to using a scene from a comedy film. Extra points to your House if you can name the film!

Today, the film landscape is dotted with zombies, double features, more zombies and a surprise classic. Most are from the US, although France figures into the mix again.

Welcome to Dignity Pastures (2013)

A place where the living can say goodbye to the dead and the undead. An excellent view of family, death and zombies by Brian Lonano, who has made a number of bizarre and experimental films, such as “Attackazoids!”, its sequel, “Attackazoids Deploy!”, “Crow Hand” and “Casket Climber Insect God.” This may be his tamest film. Mr. Lonano’s body of work has netted him 19 awards at various film festivals.

The Wound (2013)

This film really angers me. I had the same operation as the woman in the film and all I got was scar and a new belly button! Had I known I could have this, I would have put an order in. Writer/Director David Garrett’s film was the winner of the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival for this film.

Wilted (2009)

Waffle (2010)


It’s Rafael DeLeon Jr. Double Feature. Both films deal with family and the relationship between a mother and her child. Normal is not a word to use in either case.

The Witch (1906)

Georges Melies looks at witches and their powers. Once again, he shows his special effects prowess, far beyond anyone at the time.

The Working Dead (2015)

Stress on the job gives you nightmares. Sometimes, those nightmares come to life. Writer/Director Lee Arter shows us a side of the corporate world that we seldom see.

Within the Woods (1978)

Let’s get a few things straight. This film only exists on VHS tape. And the quality of these tapes is lousy. There are skips, burps, lines, and distortions. The dialog is hard to hear. The film is grainy. You would think that this would be left behind, that ‘Yours Truly’ would not point you to see this film.

What if I told you that this is Sam Raimi’s first version of “Evil Dead” and is starring his main man, Bruce Campbell? Would you still be interested? Sometimes, you have to take your opportunities, regardless of quality.

As the alphabet winds down, I am trying to figure what to do next.

I would like to continue pointing out these short films. I am torn between writing a column frequently with new discoveries, and personally visiting each of you who have taken the time to watch the film that I write about. I do have all your addresses.

If that doesn’t give your cyber-paranoia a tweak, nothing will.

Once again, Vimeo and YouTube have supplied more great films. IMDb provided the info.

The next two letters are “X” and “Y”, both of which are considered “Impossible Tasks”. My boss wants no excuses and has promised that the articles better be good or its back to the sub-basement to clean out the mutant bats.

Until next time….

(Answer to movie question above—“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”)

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