Muckman: Epic B-Movie or Epicest B-Movie?

“Muckman” (2009). Directed by  Brett Piper. Starring Ian Piper, AJ Khan and Alison Whitney.  This B-movie is about a TV documentary crew that is out to capture the eponymous creature and earn a fortune, or something like that.  It has a Swamp-Thingesque hero, a murderous co-host, a number of brain-dead characters … Read More

Fungicide: B-Movie Goodness with Killer Mushrooms

Fungicide (2005). Directed by Dave Wascavage. Starring a bunch of random people you don’t know being attacked by other people wearing killer mushroom costumes that someone made in their garage. And that’s OK. This is a cheap movie made strictly for the fun of it.   A mad scientist, a … Read More

Love in the Time of Monsters: A Bigfoot, A Mutant Killer Moose, and A Bitch In Charge?

“Love in the Time of Monsters” is a 2014 horror comedy of Bigfoot proportions. Sisters Marla and Carla visit the cheesiest Americana tourist trap known to man, only to find it overrun by toxic mutant zombies wearing Bigfoot costumes. Faster than you can say “Apple Pie” the mayhem ensues and … Read More