Ernie Fink has been a fan of film, mainly in the genres of horror and mystery, in equal parts, for over fifty years. His love of horror in the cinema begins with "King Kong" and in literature with Edgar Allan Poe and Bernhardt J. Hurwood.  With mysteries, he skipped from the Hardy Boys right to Hercules Poirot, only to find John Rebus and Harry Hole waiting in the wings. He has been known to read subtitles extensively, and rarely leaves a theater until the lights come up.

Laughing While Your Brain is Eaten: a Review of Zombie Short Films

Just because I finished the ‘A to Z’ Series on Short Films, it doesn’t mean that I stopped watching them!   Often, we take life very seriously, sometimes, too seriously. Zombies spreading across the world has always been a worry and should be the cause of great concern. Or, should … Read More

Frankenstein on the Rebound

Let’s talk about sewing body parts together. Let’s grab the other necessary elements: a hunchback, an abnormal brain, lightning and really big shoes. And for dessert, let’s add some angry villagers carrying pitchforks and torches. Sounds like dozens of movies that we have all seen, dozen it?   Yet, how … Read More