Rare Exports, A Christmas Tale: The Long and Short of It

(Rare Exports, A Christmas Tale (2010, Finland). An American team of scientists, while excavating a prehistoric mountain, unearth the real demon known as Santa Claus, setting into motion what could be a horror-filled Christmas, if Santa’s Helpers have anything to do with it. Starring Onni Tommila, Jorda Tommila, and a … Read More

Anna and the Apocalypse:The Long and the Short of It

(Anna and the Apocalypse (UK, 2017)-Christmas is right around the corner. Thoughts should be about family and the school pageant. Instead, they are about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. A musical! Directed by John McPhail, starring Ella Hunt, Malcolm Cumming, and more. Based on the short film, “Zombie Musical” (UK, 2011), … Read More

Haunt Goes BOO!

  Haunt (2019) Directed by Scott Beck & Bryan Woods. Six friends in their late 20’s stumble across a rural haunted house attraction that promises an extreme terror experience. Once trapped inside, they become filled with regret and sharp objects. “Haunt” was co-written and co-directed by the screenwriter and producer … Read More

Top 10 Movies to Show at Your Halloween Party

It’s Halloween party season again! Tired of the 24-hour “Halloween” (1979) marathon airing on TV? Looking for something different to play this year? Look no further! Here’s our list of the best movies to show at your Halloween party.  These fun horror flicks are full of gore and scares, and … Read More